That’s a week to forget : December 9th 2013


Well, what can I say about this week gone … “What a bloody disaster !” probably sums it up best .. On Wednesday I had my first fall for years and years when I was coming home through the Wirral Lanes (fast) and a corner I have been around about a million times had leaves blown on it by some idiot and the leaves were covering a diesel spill .. I was on the deck on a very “chippingy” road in an instant as my front wheel disappeared along with lots of skin from Elbow, Hip, ankle etc.etc.. Two nice guys stopped and saw me right and I was on my way as the bike was fine . I don’t bounce as well and I have a really sore hip and a bruise deep into the top of my Femur .. Hey Ho.. That’s a lot of miles without any problems and it has to happen when you do as many miles as me .. Just a real pain in the ass…

BUT, I had the Friday and Saturday to look forward to , seeing my lovely Daughter Holly and her partner James and the Ballet … We went to see Matthew Bourne’s  Swan Lake and the first half was brilliant .. In the interval I found I’d lost my wallet with all sorts of cards , licences, old man’s travel cards etc.etc. And pics of Hols and Chrissy .. I knew it had been stolen as no-one had handed it in .. We all went around asking at all the kiosks and bars , but to no avail. I spend the second half of the ballet in the front of house ringing the bank cancelling all my cards which took 40 minutes .. Chris came out to keep me company and still nothing found.. We asked one of the girls there to have a really good look , but nothing again .. We gave up, so lost a load of cash and all my cards and even though stopped them , it was going to be a huge hassle to get new driving licence .. Rail card , Library cards . BC and ABCC licences et al .. We were all walking out of a side door when the girl who was helping us tapped me on the back and lo and behold she had found my wallet .. It was just such a relief , but it really made a complete bloody mess of the evening and everyone was upset by the whole incident .. It all ended OK , but the stress of losing your wallet is BIG as it was the first time in my life I have had a wallet go missing …

So NOT a good London Trip this time , but it can only get better .. I just felt so sorry for Chrissy and Holly as they were really looking forward to a great weekend and all they had was the trauma of my lost wallet and my inability to walk very far .. I’ll have to make it up to them somehow ..

The Rotor Power Meter is still going great and I am enjoying using Power (PLUS HR) for a change .. The combination is a winner .. I have some ideas how to take this forward too… Now really looking forward to the 2014 season .. PLEASE, PLEASE, guys , BOOK YOUR CAMP.. I only have one of you at any of the Camps at the moment …  BOOK, BOOK, BOOK …..

On a brighter note, I am going to invest in a FONDRIEST R20 this year , well for 2014 .. I think this is probably the best “starter” bike I have laid my eyes on .. You can book for a showing at my place any time soon … You WILL NOT get better …

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