The Sunday Ton Returns : Sunday 16th February 2014

Well , at last got 6 hours done on the bike in the SUN … It’s ages since I got my Sunday 100 in and today I was determined to get it done .. I havn’t managed a 6 hour non stop ride for weeks and weeks because of Weather, Training Camps and the like .. I’ve done a couple of sessions on the Turbo of 6 hours, but it’s just not the same ..

Today I was going to go into the Welsh hills, but after negotiating the Steps and the first part of World’s End, the ice was very bad and very dangerous as it was so patchy .. I decided to take the “easy” option and not dice with death , so came down and went into Cheshire .. I was nailed to the road for the first 3 hours and felt awful after my chest infection etc… Anyway I ploughed on and the last three hours I was pinging and into the “groove” of a six hour ride.. So 101 miles in the legs and very enjoyable in the end and SUN, SUN, SUN !! YIPPPEEEEE !

The Fondriest was great and I had my new Decca clothing on, which I am VERY impressed with , I have to say .. The fit is SUPERB and so comfortable to wear .. AND WARM !

Just fantastic to get a great 100 miles in the bag.. LOVE IT !!!

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