“ I am just sick to death of reading and hearing things about “Lab Results” and figures garnered from small pieces of so called “evidence” that a rider is so strong and their power to weight ratio is this or that and the figures produced on lab equipment is the be all and end all, and worst of all that these figures can be translated directly to a riders road performance in “ REAL LIFE” .. I can tell you from experience,that some of those figures are completely meaningless.. I had a female athlete who had a very low Power to weight Ratio on a Ramp test, but went on to be the BBAR at 60 years of age !

I now hear that Rotor Chainrings have no benefit over round rings ! … Well, excuse my scepticism …..I have been riding bikes for 45 years and am still amassing 30,000 miles a year on average and I have been using “Q” rings for 7 years and now “QXL”.. I don’t ride them for 10 minutes on a static Ramp test .. I ride them for about 600 miles per week and they are such an improvement to my pedalling efficiency, I have broken PB’s on certain circuits that I did when I was a callow youth .. I would NEVER go back to round rings and I know for a fact that when I am climbing , I am much faster and much more fluid in my pedalling action than on round rings . This is because I am using Rotor Rings in a REAL environment, i.e.. ON THE ROADS of North Wales or Cheshire, not in a lab like a mouse on a wheel . To say that Rotor rings have no benefit over Round rings is simply WRONG and I for one will stick to my “QXL” thanks, even if I did the same Ramp Test on round and Ovals .. It’s meaningless.. Who else does 30,000 miles a year and has had the chance to compare both types of chainring over a 45 year period . ”


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