Dave’s Coaching Record

Probably the MOST important thing when looking for a coach is to look at their “Track Record” … Please, just take the time to READ THIS  …

In the space of four years, Dave’s athletes have won 40 National Titles, Track and TT Medals, 1 BBAR Senior Gold , 1 BBAR Junior Gold, 7 National Master’s Medals, 5 World Championship Master’s Medals, 2 World Cup Medals and 1 World Cup Championship and a “WorldHour Record”… PLUS 6 National Records and literally hundreds and hundreds of PB’s …



You know what they usually say, a great bike rider doesn’t always (or was it “ever”) make a great coach. Well in Dave Lloyd’s case, it seems he breaks those rules in big style … Let’s just examine his results against his athletes results in every Cycling discipline of note shall we and see if the old maxim holds true?? Or does Dave Lloyd buck the “trend” of great bike riders not making great coaches?

TRACK RACING .. Dave rode at the World Championships in the Individual Pursuit and the Team Pursuit. He was a very successful track rider on all sorts of tracks and won the National Professional Pursuit Title on TWO occasions… He also held the National 5 Kilometre, 10 Kilometre, 20 Kilometre and National Hour Record …

Athletes Results … Dave took Andy Fenn to 4 National Titles and 3 National Records as a Junior rider.He took WendyHouvenaghel from a complete novice to National 3,000 metre Pursuit Champion and World Cup Champion in less than 1 year and then she went on to become World Champion.Hetook Carole Gandy to second place in the World Masters Pursuit Championship and the World Hour Record Holder.Hetook Tim Lawson to a Bronze Medal in the World Masters Kilometre Championship …

ROAD RACING … Dave was one of Britains best and most Prolific Road Racers.. He won the Amateur Tour of Switzerland 10 day Stage Race in Olympic Year.(1972) Was favourite for the Gold Medal in the Munich Olympics , only to crash out.. Was “Best Professional of the Year” in 1974. He won the Girvan 3-Day, the Ulster 4-Day , The Hereford 2-Day and countless other Major Road Races. He was in the winning break in the Classic Liege-Bastogne-Liege only to puncture with 25 k’s to go….

Athlete’s Results … Dave took Kara Chesworth from a complete novice three years ago to win the Womens National Road Race Series and represent Wales in the Commonwealth Gales in 2010, Brenda Pennell to the National WCRA Women’s National Championship.. Carole Gandy to Second Place in the Masters World Road Race Championship… Richard Meadows from a novice to one of the Best Juniors in the Country… Andy Fenn from a 13 year old novice to win the Junior Paris-Roubaix and one of out most prolific Junior Road Race Talents..


TIME TRIALLING … There is little doubt that Dave was Britain’s best ever Time Triallist .. In 4 years he won 133 out of 138 Time Trials at the highest level and was second in the other 5!! He won every Classic Time Trial out there. He was Twice National 25 mile TT Champion. He was 3 times National Team Time Trial Champion. He road the World Team Time Trial Championship. He was Second in the prestigious Grand Prix des Nations. The list of his wins is just too long to print here and the number of Records he broke was truly AMAZING!!

Athlete’s Results … Wendy Houvenaghel was Four Times National Champion with Dave.. In her first year with Dave, Carole Gandy won the British Best All Rounder after 25 years of trying and won the National 100 Mile Time Trial. (at 60 years of age the oldest woman ever to do so!!). Brenda Pennell was the winner of the Champion of Champions Time Trial, 2nd in the Rudy Project Series and 2nd in the National 50 mile Championships … In his first year with Dave, Carl Saint won scores of Time Trials with a 19 minute “10″ a 49 minute “25″ and a 1.43.00 “50″. He also finished third in the National 50 in the same year! The next year he won the “Circuit of the Dales” and was top ten in every National Championship … Dave has taken his athletes to literally Hundreds and Hundreds of “Personal Bests!” …

SPORTIVES … In the last 5 years, Dave has “won” 10Sportives “overall” and also taken the fastest Age group ride in the most Prestigious of all Sportives.. La Marmotte ..

Athlete’s Results … Dave’s track record with his Sportive riders must be second to none. He has taken novices to Gold Standards in Countless Sportives and continues to do so … Dave took a woman who had never ridden a Sportive with three months training to her Bronze Standard in La Marmotte…

The list of accomplishments goes on and on increasing year on year. Dave is still taking his athletes out for training sessions and organises at least three Training Camps every year where athletes can tap into Dave’s huge knowledge of all aspects of CYCLE SPORT ..




Dave Lloyd is a fully qualified British Cycling Coach. This is a years course testing the individual over all aspects of cycle coaching and requires the trainee to pass written and practical examinations and proove that the person can take an athlete forward with a 17 weekly training schedule with a full years plan with peaks for certain races, periodisation and the ability to train SMART. Dave is also one of the first coaches to qualify as a Level 2 Track Coach. Dave is always looking for ways to improve his coaching and is CONSTANTLY updating his BC qualifications. He has also been working with POWER for over a year now to see if there are any benefits in this type of training… Click the “About” Dave Lloyd the Coach button above for details…



Dave Lloyd is a fully qualified Association of British Cycling“SENIOR “Coach.

The ABCC award required Dave to do a 6 module correspondence course, a full years training schedule for a rider including tapers, peaks and a weekly training programme. The ABCC also include in depth physiological studies and the final part of the course required Dave to give a 3 1/2 hour presentation to riders with an ABCC coach adjudicating. Typically, Dave gained his ABCC qualification faster than anyone had previously! NB. Dave has now been honoured as a SENIOR ABCC coach in 2012 for his services to the Sport in general.. One of only 8 coaches to have this title !!


Dave Lloyd is a fully qualified Velodrome Coach and gained this qualification by taking Drop-In sessions, Tasters, School Sessions and Club Sessions all under the supervision of theVelodrome TDO. He passed this with flying colours and has taken many individual and group/ Club sessions, proving himself a very popular Coach at both Manchester and Newport Velodromes.


Dave Lloyd is a fully qualified Derny Pacer, again a qualification requiring him to prove he can safely pace a group of riders around the track. It entailed a full 10 hours supervised work with various riders of differing abilities and Dave has already had many compliments on his “smooth”Derny technique and how “safe” the athletes feel on his wheel. – this comes from Daves experience as a Pro bike rider where he had many Derny races on the continent, including “Derny Nocturnes” in Holland – certainly not for the faint hearted, but giving Dave a deep knowledge of the craft and an empathy with the riders on his wheel!


Dave Lloyd has also qualified for his Derny Racing licence. He can therefore pace riders in races as well as just pace them in training. Dave is always updating and expanding hisCoaching CV and there is just no other coach with as many qualifications or experience as Dave Lloyd.

Dave Lloyd has worked part time for BC with their Talent Team in the WCPP scheme and has worked as a Team Manager for Continental Professional Teams and more recently at the Girvan 3-Day and other pestigious races.

Dave Lloyd was an innovative Frame Builder for 13 yearsand knows more about bikes and the mechanics around bikes than any other coach out there. Plus, with his wife, Chris ,invented and named what we now all call the Skin Suit – not a lot of people know that!

The above is proof positive that there is no other coach with so much knowledge and depth of experience as Dave – Plus, Dave brings another,very important dimension to his coaching skills… ENTHUSIASM! This is not a qualification you can train for and just comes naturally from Dave’s love of Cycling!




For more information on Dave’s Cycling and Coaching credentials, visit the Cycling Career and Coaching Career pages respectively and don’t foget to check out Dave’s latest “News” page to see all the up to date happenings at Dave Lloyd Complete Coaching

From the above you will see that there can be no-one with Dave’s experience in Cycling, and his athletes get REAL one to one coaching from a Coach with more to offer than any other in this country or overseas.

For more information on the Coaching Sevices on offer and the Coaching Rates, visit the Services page.


You can relax in the knowledge that Dave is a fully qualified British Cycling and SENIOR Association of British Cycling Coach and Dave never stops learning ! The day Dave stops learning is the day they are “trying” to put that final nail into his coffin! Dave has 41 years of experience in the sport, as an Olympic Athlete, Professional Bike Rider, an Innovative Bike Designer and a former Frame Builder. Dave learnt his bike riding skills from the greatest coach of all time, the legendary EDDIE SOENS!

Dave also realises that each athlete he coaches is an individual and is treated as such. He keeps his one to one coaching to a minimum of riders, so that he can give each one individual attention. Dave knows the pitfalls of “overtraining”, having been there himself, and is careful to avoid this. Hence the recovery days and the “Adaptation Weeks”. He also has to have a LOT of communication with his athletes and this is done by telephone / Skype (preferably) or email.

Each and every athlete knows that, should they have any problems, Dave is “JUST A TELEPHONE CALL AWAY” at any time of the day or any day of the week. Dave will either be there, or he will get back to that athlete on the same day, WITHOUT FAIL !! That’s a given with Dave Lloyd Complete Coaching.
After the initial consultation, Dave gives each athlete a three/six month “getting to know you trial” both for him and the athlete. After this time the athlete can come back for a Ramp test to see if progress has been made and a talk to Dave to see if all is well. It’s at this time that the athlete can judge whether to carry on with the training, or leave to choose another coach, with no hard feelings on both sides.. (This RARELY happens!!) Just check out Dave’s Cycling CV if you are still unconvinced … There is just no other coach with Dave’s depth of knowledge in the sport at all levels and in all disciplines. Dave has “been there and got the T-Shirt!”

He Does It Himself! …

Dave also has a unique insight into the training he prescribes to his athletes BECAUSE HE DOES THE SESSIONS HIMSELF… Dave is a keen Sportive rider and has taken part in about 50 Sportives in the last 4 years. He has won the “fastest time” overall in several of these Sportives and in 2009 got the fastest in his age group in the toughest Sportive of them all .. “La Marmotte!” Dave is also coming


back to racing now he has turned 60 years of age !! He is trying to keep this low key, but no doubt people will be watching “CLOSELY” how he gets on !

**UPDATE** : Dave has decided against racing domestically, but is thinking now about trying for the World Championships in 2011 …


In the space of four years, Dave’s athletes have won 40 National Medals, 7 National Master’s Medals, 5 World Championship Master’s Medals, 2 World Cup Medals and 1 World Cup Championship and a “World Hour Record”… PLUS literally hundreds and hundreds of PB’s …

Wendy Houvenaghel joined Dave in October 2004. Since then Wendy won five National Championships, two 10 mile TT Championships, two 25 mile TT Championships, National Pursuit Champion, Rudy Project Champion and Champion of Champion’s Time Triallist. She was unbeaten in any domestic time trial while under Dave’s coaching. Dave took Wendy from a complete track novice (she couldn’t ride a track bike in the winter of 2004/5.) and with only 12 hours track training time, she won the 2005 National Pursuit Championship. On the International scene, Dave coached Wendy to ride some great stage races and she won time trial stages in the Danny Boy 2-Day, the Ster van Walcheren and was 3rd in a stage in the Tour of Britanny … Wendy was also 3rd in the Classic Time Trial, The Chrono Champenois. Dave also coached and mentored Wendy to her main aim for the 2005/2006 season, the Commonwealth Games and she would have definitely taken the Bronze medal if she had been given the correct information in the qualifying round against McTier. Unfortunately, in Dave’s absence, it didn’t happen! However on the way to coaching Wendy for the World Championship, Wendy actually won the 2006/2007 WORLD CUP PURSUIT CHAMPIONSHIP and Wendy went on to finish within 2 seconds of the World Champion 2006. Dave has ALWAYS said Wendy would be World Champion in 2007, and after discussions with Dave, Wendy has now moved onto the WCPP and is no longer coached by Dave. Let’s hope the BCdo as good a job as Dave!

Andy Fenn joined Dave in 2003 as a raw but VERY strong 13 year old. Dave recognised Andy’s amazing potential and in 2004 Andy had a great year, winning many races and finishing 3rd in the national GHS 10 Mile TT. Andy has gone from strength to strength and although he has had a lot of bad luck with bad crashes (none his own fault) , Dave has mentored him through all these set backs. Then after another great year in 2005, he “hit the ground running” in 2006 and in the Under 16 National Track Championships, Andy won Three Gold Medals and Two National Track Records in the 2,000 Metres Pursuit! In Andy’s first year as a Junior he won the “super Classic” PARIS-ROUBAIX” finishing alone on Roubaix stadium. He has now joined the BC on their Olympic Development Squad and Dave sincerely hope they treat Andy with sensitivity and make him into the GREAT BIKE RIDER he already is…. (Under Dave’s guidance).. just a shame Dave has to hand these great athletes over to the BC… BUT THAT’S LIFE !!! Although Dave has no qualms about this as long as the BC do the right thing by the athletes he has nurtured….

Carole Gandy came to Dave in 2003 and asked him to try to coach her to her lifetime ambition to be the Women’s BBAR. Carole had been trying for 25 years to reach this magic goal and had finished in 2nd place 3 times and 3rd place twice. Carole was now 60 years old and Dave changed her training completely. After a great winter with Dave, Carole won her first EVER National Championship in 2004 in the 100 Mile TT. Plus she went on to at last realise her dream by completely dominating the opposition to WIN the 2004 Women’s BBAR. The oldest lady ever to do so. A fairy tail ending for Carole after so many years of trying! In 2005 Dave wanted Carole to try different things other than chase the BBAR and Carole achieved amazing results when she was 7th in the National “10″, 4th in the National “25″, 3rd in the National “50″ and 2nd in the National “100″. She was also 2nd in the BBAR without targeting it, 3rd in the “Champion of Champions”. This is a lady who is now 62 years of age… Just amazing ! Carole then finished 2nd in the World Masters Time Trial Championships, 2nd in the World Masters Road Race Championship and 1st in the National Masters Pursuit Championship. In 2007 she scored two more Silver medals in the Word Championship Masters, in the Road Race and the Time Trial. She also wrapped the season off with the over 60′s WORLD HOURRECORD ! Which proves two things.. It’s never too late to try new things and CAROLE IS A SUPERB ATHLETE!!

Carl Saint was the first athlete to be coached by Dave and came to Dave as an ordinary club cyclist in November 2002. Carl’s only claim to fame was 40th in the national 25 mile Championship at that time !Dave and Carl had a fantastic winter’s training and in 2003 Carl was 12th in the National “10″, 9th in the National “25″ and 3rd in the National “50″! He also beat 20 minutes for a 10 mile TT for the first time, did a 49 minute 25 mile TT and a 1.43.43 for a 50 mile TT … Then in 2004, Carl went further ahead with 22 open wins which included the Classic Circuit of the Dales and top ten places in the national 10, 25 and 50 national Championships.Just unbelievable improvements. Carl is still winning top class races and is now looking towards road racing as a newchallenge …

Brenda Pennell joined Dave in April 2004 and had had a terrible winter’s training with practically no base work on which to build for a new season. Dave recognised Brenda’s potential and even at that late stage in the year, Brenda still managed a Silver Medal in the National 50 and Silver in the Rudy Project Series. Fantastic results from such a small base.The next season Brenda improved again to take a Silver Medal in the National 50, a 3rd place in the Rudy Project and The Champion of Champions time triallist. She also won the WCRA National Road Race Championship … Brenda then had to leave for Canada with her Forces husband and has since given birth to her first child “Charlotte”. Brenda is returning to Britain this winter. Will there be a comeback?

Nicole Sullivan came to Dave with only 4 months to prepare for La Marmotte. She and two of her friends were doing this most prestigious Sportive together and Nicole was the only one to get a coach… There was so little time to get any real base done, but Dave gave Nicole the best preparation he possibly could with the time they both had ,and , in the event Nicole did an AMAZING ride to get her SILVER CERTIFICATE for La Marmotte.. An amazing effort with such a short time to train for it !! Her two friends who trained “without a coach” were both Broom Wagonned in the event…. THERE’S A LESSON THERE, DON’T YOU THINK ??

Chris Carver asked Dave to coach him three years ago when he was an overweight 96 Kilos and Dave got Chris down to 76 Kilos (without dieting!) in the same year and took him to a 25 mile PB of 56 minutes!


As you will see, Dave doesn’t just deal with “top class” athletes and, just as one example, he has taken a 65 year old man, who had been racing since he was 13 years old and had never beaten the hour for 25 miles. He achieved his ambition in one season when he recorded a “58″ in 2005… Plus, Dave restricts the number of riders on his one to one (unlike so many other coaches) so every athlete can get the “personal attention” they deserve. He also caters for all bike riders and all ages. Whether you want to ride Time Trials, Track, Road Races, Sportives, Audaxes or just want to stay fit on the bike … WHATEVER YOUR AMBITIONS, DAVE CAN GUIDE YOU ON THE PATHWAY TO SUCCESS.

But, as they say: “The proof of the pudding” … Just ask Dave’s athletes!


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