Dave has always been a huge fan of new technology and finding new ways to get bikes to go faster ! He was and is always at the forefront of adapting new ideas to make his bikes “faster” and he is always on the look-out for new products he thinks might be an advantage to his athletes . But he always tries the new product out first as he is only too aware of the hype surrounding some products that are very expensive and basically just rubbish!

For 2017, Dave is recommending only three superb products…  CEEPO FRAMES, ABSOLUTE BLACK CHAINRINGS  and the Brand New PROGRESS WHEELS



It’s been my pleasure over the last many years to have worked with Robin Corder from Velotech. With him being the Distributor for Rotor Products , he has helped me a lot with my passion for Rotor Chainsets , Power Meters and QXL rings etc.  .. More of those QXL rings later … I believe Robin has a good eye for great new products and knows a lot about the bike game.. Having worked in the Trade myself for the best part of 50 years and having owned a Bike Shop, being a Pro Bike Rider and Olympic rider and then a Frame Builder for 14 years , I also have a feel for new products and am always on the look-out for new interesting Cycling Equipment …

I have been on the lookout in the past year for a Frameset that I wouldn’t have to pay £4,000 + for and not a “made-to-measure” . I wanted to find a frame I could get “ off the peg” and with a sensible price tag , so I could recommend it and sell it to my athletes and anyone else who want something different , but NOT have to outlay £4,000+ for a frame set !!

I have never been able to take a frame “off the peg” and work with it to fit me. I have a strangely shaped body , with a very short Torso, long Femur , short Tibia and Fibula and very long arms …This makes the search for an “off the peg” frame almost impossible .. I have tried “ off the peg” Viner, Fondriest and  Sarto frame sets , but none have fitted me properly and I have had to go down the “made-to-measure’ path with them all in the end .. The biggest fault I find is a much too long head tube and weird angles .. BUT >>>> Thanks to a guy who has worked on CERVELO designs , and also CEEPO frames, (a French Canadian called Gilles Cantin) , I was inspired to have a good look at the Geometries of the Road frames in the mainly Tri oriented CEEPO frames and how pleased I am that I did .. I took the time to have a close look at the CEEPO Mamba road frame Geometry and the CEEPO Stinger too .. I liked the idea of a steep ( 74 degree) seat angle with the rear wheel tucked into cut-out seat tube ( which I find aesthetically very pleasing) and has the advantage of making the bike very nimble away from a standing start and GREAT on the climbs .. I was also going to go for a 72 degree head angle this coming year and Hey Presto, Ceepo Mamba and Stinger have a 72 degree head tube , making the frame super “stable” when cornering at speed and descending a real pleasure, and all my athletes know how much I love descending FAST ! Plus with the massive in-fill of Carbon at the Bottom bracket, there is just no lateral movement there under full on sprints , or accelerating on climbs  .. I also just loved the way


Gilles Cantin has lowered the Down Tube on the Mamba and cut it out to fit the front wheel .. A really lovely aesthetic touch and makes the bike even more stable is the fact that Gilles has also lowered the Bottom Bracket slightly to make the whole thing more stable … He has a great touch with design and his work with Cervelo and Ceepo shows how clever he is with design .. He makes things WORK and also doesn’t hold back to make a frame aesthetically very pleasing .. The Mamba is also very Aero and I appreciate that too ..

Having now given the CEEPO MAMBA some really good miles over my hills in Wales and on my tricky lanes in the Wirral , I absolutely love it in every respect and it fits me perfectly and I have been able to mimic my “usual position” to the mm , by using a long Piste stem and being able to move the saddle 8 cm behind the BB which is absolutely mm perfect for me .. So I have the first frame i can use OFF THE PEG and be EXACTLY the same position as my MADE-TO-MEASURE frame s, and this is the first time this has been the case .. I am picking my Ceepo Stinger up at the end of December and it has exactly the same Geometry as the mamba , so I am so looking forward to that ..

So it’s Thanks to Robin Corder … Thanks to Gilles Cantin … AND a big THANKS to CEEPO who are producing an absolutely superb Frameset that is a sensible price and one I am very pleased to be the Ambassador for in 2017 and to sell them KNOWING it’s the best Frame at this price out there .. No contest …

Ceepo Mamba 2017 … £1,349.00
Ceepo Stinger 2017 …  £1,849.00

My own athletes can get a 10% deduction on the above prices …



 ** STOP PRESS **  … I am giving a FREE FRAME FIT to anyone buying a CEEPO  … Worth £100 and 50 years experience which you can’t put a value on . REMEMBER , I WAS A FRAME BUILDER FOR 14 YEARS !!

The Second recommendation Dave has at the moment is the brand new ..



I have been using Rotor products for years now and will continue using their Rotor Chainset and the best Power meter there is .. ROTOR , but lately I have been wondering about the QXL chainrings and thought I would experiment .. I got hold of some (brand new to this country) ABSOLUTE BLACK oval chainrings from my pal Robin at Velotech,

They are not as severe as the QXL’s and the other day I put them on and tried them over a 2 hour circuit I use all the time and they produced a lower Heart Rate and INCREASED Power for the same distance on Ab Black chainrings .. Absolute Proof they are faster and just to make sure I put the right hand crank with the Ab Black rings onto my Tacx Training Bike this evening and rode the Stelvio climb .. I got to my PB 1 hour time in 52.02 and my 1 h 15m time in 1 h 5m 55s .. Again ABSOLUTE PROOF they are FASTER .. I am so pleased with them . SO HERE THEY ARE .. THE BEST FRAME YOU’LL GET AND THE BEST CHAINRINGS … AND THE FASTEST YOU’LL GET ..



PLUS you can get the above Premier Chainrings from me for £122 a pair (AS PIC ABOVE) as opposed to £170 for QXL’s and they do a Training pair of rings (slightly heavier) for £98 .. Great looking rings , but MOST importantly .. FASTER !!

THE “SCIENCE of  Absolute BLACK …

Dave is “absolutely” 100% behind the Absolute BLACK “MAGIC” chainrings as he just continues to place personal bests on them every time he does one of his routes and is FASTER on the Absolute BLACK rings … ! Before anyone says that Shimano used to do the Biopace chainrings years ago, these have nothing in common with Absolute BLACK rings…There is some scientific basis to the use of Absolute BLACK rings and that when the pedals are at 6o’clock there is a “dead spot” in the pedalling stroke, where , in fact, nothing is happening .. OK you can ankle which is a very good thing to do, and practice (ask Dave’s athletes)…. Absolute BLACK rings have a very neat idea to get over this long time problem with pedalling strokes…. They actually lower the gear quite significantly at this point (as their ovalisation enables this to happen) and it is so much “easier” to get the pedal over this dead spot and then the gear is increased to it’s normal (or slightly larger gear) as soon as the dead spot is overcome .. INGENIOUS and BRILLIANT . the new ABSOLUTE BLACK chainrings by Robin Corder from Velotech  work and are proven by Dave to be FASTER ..

Products---Progress-WheelsPROGRESS WHEELS

PLUS, Dave now adds PROGRESS WHEELS to his 2017 recommendations …  FAST SPANISH WHEELS !!
Dave has just taken delivery of the Progress Phantom wheelset and the quality of the hubs and rims is totally outstanding ..
These will soon be followed by the superb Carbon Wheeled Tubular A-500 wheels and if they are anywhere near the quality
of the Phantoms, these are going to be VERY special wheels indeed .. Dave will be riding the Phantoms immediately..

So I have .. Now visit today’s BLOG to see what I think of them …

Progress Phantom Clinchers .. Weighing only 1,375 Grms..     £550  (minus 10% for my athletes )

Progress A500 Carbon Tubulars  50 mm deep rims ..     £1,150 ( minus 10% to my athletes )


Please call Dave or Chris for more information and prices on 0151 336 3323.

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